Sewing Activewear?

Cottesloe top and avery leggings

Have you been tempted to sew your own active wear? No? Well neither was I for a long while. For starters I wasn’t very active. I’m still not as active as I should be but I have been attending yoga classes for the last two years and have found that, one, I’ve stuck to it […]

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Linen Yanta Overalls

I’ve never quite been sure if overalls are for me, but after I saw Rachel’s linen Yanta overalls I knew I had to try this pattern for myself at some point this year. I purchased some beautiful Bio washed linen from Higgs and Higgs in the Lagoon colourway. They don’t seem to stock this range […]

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Very Versatile Winslow Culottes

By the time mid August rolls around and the weather starts to change that I realise that I need to cast aside my summer sewing plans and start planning for the autumn season. During the summer months I find my sewing generally consists of far too many dresses, which, although I will wear them, their […]

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