Occasionally I work with other companies to create content that I believe you, my readers will be interested in.

Please note that all opinions in any of my posts remain solely my own.

Any sponsored posts, affiliate links, gifted items, paid for posts and pattern testing work will be clearly labelled in each posting. See below for more details on each of these items;

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are those where a company has provided a product(s) to me free of charge in return for a blog post.

Any sponsored posts will be clearly labelled as such at the end of each post.

Affiliate links

I use affiliate links to Amazon and have an Amazon influencer storefront. This means that I earn a small commission when products are purchased through the links I provide. I will only ever link to products that I actually own and use and those which I feel are relevant to the readers of this blog.

Any posts containing affiliate links will have a disclaimer at the top of the post.

Gifted Posts

I may occasionally be sent items free of charge with no expectation of any accompanying blog post / review etc.

All gifted posts will be labelled as such at the end of the post.

Paid For Posts / Advertisements

On occasions where I have been paid by a company to produce a blog post and styled images, this will be clearly stated in the title of the post as [AD], there will also be a disclaimer at the top and bottom of each post.

Website Advertising

I offer side bar advertising on my blog to businesses that I believe you, the reader will be interested in and to businesses that I have used personally.

Pattern Testing

I regularly test sewing patterns for independent designers. I get sent a copy of the test version of the pattern (usually a pdf), I make the design using my own fabric and provide feedback to the designer regarding any fitting issues, construction process and completeness of instructions.

There are usually no conditions attached to the testing and I usually have to print the pattern and provide my own fabric.

Any posts regarding pattern testing will always be clearly labelled as such at the end of the post. Any materials provided in order to to the testing will also be clearly marked.


If you have any questions or comments please do get in touch via email at info@cottonreelstudio.co.uk