Easy Pom Pom Scarf Tutorial

We have some lovely cotton lawns in the shop at the moment and with it being Mother's day at the end of the month I thought they's make the perfect scarves for a Mother's day gift. I made two scarves using these items...


    Trypatch                          Yellow Mini                  Jewel Harvest
    Pom Pom Trim

To make each scarf I used 1/2 meter cotton lawn and 3.5 meters of mini pom pom trim. 
Take your fabric and cut it in half so you have two pieces 25cm x 144cm. 
Take one piece of fabric right side up and pin the pom pom trim around all four sides. Make sure the pom poms are facing inwards.

Machine baste the trim in place approx 1cm (3/8in) from the edge. Make sure you use your standard zip foot so the pom pom trim feeds through nicely.

Take the second piece of fabric and lay it on top of the first piece right sides together. Pin in place and sew around the edges using a 1.5cm (5/8in) seam allowance. Stop when you are approx 5cm away from the starting point.

Clip the corners and turn the scarf right side out through the 5cm gap. Slip stitch the gap closed, give it a quick press and you are done.

We have lots of fabrics in the shop which would be perfect for this project, why not take a peak...here and here.

Cotton Lawn om Pom scarf jewel harvest  Cotton lawn pom pom scarf trypatch

Happy Sewing!

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