Free Range Linen Loungewear Set

I bought a piece of minty green viscose/linen from Lamazi fabrics earlier on in the year and had the intention of making some Pietra shorts for the summer with it.

However, when I was making my Top 5 Linen Patterns video for my YouTube channel I was left feeling quite inspired by all of the linen loungewear sets that I’d come across in the search.

After much deliberation I decided that this fabric would better suit my wardrobe as a comfortable loungewear set instead.

One of the patterns in the video I made was the Free range slacks by Sew House Seven. They are a trouser pattern with and elasicated waist and the the thing I love about them is the design details on the side of the pants and the really interesting front pockets. Plus you have a couple of styling options with a wide and tapered leg.

The Free Range Slacks pattern doesn’t come with a shorts option, but it was very easy to make the adjustments on the pattern pieces myself.

I started by deciding how long I wanted the in seam to be and added seam allowance – the total length for me here was 9cm.

The first pattern piece I adjustments to was the front leg. I measured down the inseam of the pattern piece and drew a straight line across.

The second piece I made an adjustment to was the side panel, I made sure that the length from the notch that matched the front pattern piece was the same, then drew a straight line across.

The third piece I adjusted was the shorts back. For this piece I measured the length of the inseam to match the front pattern piece. I then measured the length from the matching notch on the side panel. This pattern piece required a curved line to be drawn from these two points.

I also really wanted to make a matching Ogden cami top. In order to get everything on the piece of fabric I had I had to do a lot of pattern tetris and I had to chop around 10cm off the length of the Ogden bodice pieces and the lining fabric was cut using some other plain viscose from my stash.

I used the wide leg version of the Freerange Slacks pattern to make my shorts and cut a straight size 10, the Ogden was already cut out in a size 8 (current measurements B36W31H41).

I’m super pleased with how this set has turned out. It has been such a hero throughout August and the warm weather we had, it was particularly good for keeping me feeling cool but cosy (I like my pjs to make me feel cosy).

Another bonus is that I really like the way the Cami looks with my white Lander shorts too so it is quite versatile and not limited to loungewear.

You can see more of this and what else I made in July in this video.

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