Picnic Blanket Hannah

I’m back today with another blog about another dress! Someone recently asked me how many dresses have you made….. er well its more than 10, but definitely less than 50. What can I say I like to make them, I like to wear them and in the summer months I get swept up into making more of them. It makes me happy.

Back in May I saw a beautiful pink gingham on Truro Fabrics website (sadly sold out in this colour but they have lots of other options) and knew instantly that I wanted to make a Hannah dress with it. As soon as the fabric arrived I had it in the pre wash, dried and cut out before you could make a picnic.

The dress has been on my radar for a while since it’s release and I had a couple of fabrics picked out for it, but nothing that really called out to me like the gingham.

I made a size 12 for the bust and graded out ever so slightly at the waist on the bodice (halfway between a 12 and 14) to give me a little bit of extra wiggle room. The skirt panels I cut at a size 12 – the panels are large gathered rectangles so I didn’t bother grading them.

One of my favourite features of the pattern is the inside wrap panel. Usually gathered skirts can be quite bulky and cause a wrap dress such as this to be quite bulky. I like that the flat panel on the inside helps to solve the issue.

I used this super helpful article on the By Hand London website to raise the neckline. I raised it by 2cm and don’t have any issues with gaping on the bodice. In terms of fit I think I could tweak the back bodice to get a better fit, it’s a tiny bit restrictive. I think one or two cm should do the trick.

I completed this dress at the very end of May and it has seen some lovely sunny days in the garden or out and about. Its light and comfortable to wear and the colour makes me happy. I feel like I need more pink in my wardrobe though.

If you didn’t see it already I have launched a YouTube channel and in one of the videos I am wearing this dress and give a little twirl.

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