A Capsule Wardrobe: Update #2 Pietra Pants & SUKI DRESS

Today I am sharing a couple more garments I made for my work wear capsule wardrobe. I’m also sharing some thoughts on planning a capsule wardrobe now that the global pandemic has changed my work life for the time being.

The Suki Dress

Earlier on in the year I bought a remnant piece of Mind the Maker Fall Flowers from Lamazi Fabrics – I think it was about 2 meters long. I knew I wanted to make a shift dress out of it as part of my Capsule Wardrobe collection and had thought about the Cielo or Suki dresses would fit the bill.

In the end I decided to go with the Suki dress from Tilly’s new book Make it Simple . I was drawn to the simplicity of the garment (a front piece/ back piece and neck facings) and how the big wide belt elevated the style into something a bit smarter.

As I said I only had two meters of fabric I didn’t have enough to cut the back piece on the fold as directed. Instead I added a 1.5cm seam allowance to the back pattern piece when cutting it out and simply stitched it up before attaching the shoulder seams.

Quite a few people have experienced issues with the viscose fabrics by Mind the Maker. I’ve seen some pulling in the fabrics which make them look quite unsightly – not something you want when the fabrics are so expensive to begin with. I, however, have not experienced this with this fabric. I used a brand new Schmetz microtex needle and it is also worth pointing out that I don’t have any areas on this dress that might pull eg buttonholes. I also haven’t worn this dress out of the house yet either so I can’t vouch for wear and tear under normal working circustances.

What I do know is that I really like the finished dress. The fabric is soft and comfortable to wear and I love the print.

The Pietra Pants

The Closet Case Patterns Pietra Pants have been on my radar since their release and I finally made them in May in a beautiful navy modal / bamboo/lyocell fabric which I purchased from Lamazi.

I had put off making them for a while because there are a few pieces to cut out and I needed to grade between sizes and add length to the rise and trouser length. Which given the number of pattern pieces required concentration, something which has been lacking a bit recently (I wonder why….) .

I cut view B with the slim tapered leg – a size 12 at the waist, grading out to a 14 at the hips. I also added 2cm to the length of the trouser legs and added 1cm to the front and back rise so that the waist would fit on my natural waist. For reference my current measurements are W31 and H41, I am 5ft9 and have a slightly long torso.

I found the construction to be quite straightforward and enjoyable. The pattern is full of really interesting design details including a flat front, great pockets and and elasticated waistband. I think the back waistband is my favourite feature.

The fit of the finished trousers is a little large and I think I will make these again but make a straight size 12. With wear the fabric has loosed a bit (as viscose usually does) so at times they seem little baggy. But oh my are they comfortable!

Future thoughts on creating a capsule wardrobe

I first shared my plans for a capsule work wear wardrobe back in March, just as the global pandemic was changing life as we knew it. Since 21st March I’ve been working from home and for me it looks like I will be for quite a long while yet.

When we started lock down here in the UK I had already completed two out of the ten garments I had planned. Since then I have made a few more as they had already been cut out so I have completed 6 in total.

I completed the Pietra pants and Suki dress back in May and since then I have felt more compelled to make and wear bright and colourful garments. I have thoroughly enjoyed planning a work wear capsule collection – I feel like it really helped me focus on what I really needed in my wardrobe and how garments could work together on a more practical basis. But for now its a good time to pause on this particular work wear series whilst I figure out what works for me right now for home working.

In the meantime I am planning a capsule collection for a little trip we have planned to Cornwall next month. The challenge I’ve set myself is no more than 12 garments for a week… I’m not sure that is doable but I’m going to try! I’ve been pinning lots of ideas on Pinterest to help me make a start on it. I can’t wait to share what I come up with.

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