A Capsule Wardrobe: Update

A couple of months ago I wrote about designing a capsule collection of garments for workwear.

That whole process seems a little irrelevant now seeing I am current working from home and it is unlikely that I will be returning to the office any time soon. That said, I enjoyed the process of designing the collection so much that I’ve carried on making the pieces I’d set out to. I think it’s been quite a useful distraction to be honest.

So in this little update I can confirm that five out of the ten pieces I’d set out to make are complete! Here is a little peek at some of the garments so far….

The finished items include a Cambria Duster, Suki Dress, Winslow Culottes and two Cielo tops.

The latest finished item is this Cielo top by Closet Case Patterns made in a beautiful Atelier Brunette double gauze I purchased from Lamazi Fabrics.

I made this one is slightly differently to the grey one I made for my Lamazi Maker’s blog post (note the fabric was gifted in exchange for this post). For this one I only had an 85cm remnant so I didn’t lengthen the bodice and I finished the hem with a scant seam allowance and bias tape.

I also finished the neckline with bias tape rather than a facing. I usually prefer a facing as ove never been successful with a bias bound neckline. I always messed them up. Anyway with limited fabric I was forced to use the bias tape (which is the pre made tape by Atelier Brunette also purchased from Lamazi fabrics). I’m really happy with the neckline, I made sure to go slowly and my patience has paid off. The neckline feels much lighter and less restrictive than my other one. The lighter fabric also helps of course.

I’ve been really pleased with the garments I’ve made so far and have found the pieces to be quite versatile for more relaxed and casual wear at home. The next items I want to make from my list are the Pietra Pants and Wilder Blouse. I have a beautiful navy modal/bamboo/lyocell twill for the trousers, I have the same fabric again in green and a polka dot georgette for the blouse.

Note that for two of the garments produced the fabric was gifted in exchange for me writing blog posts. This gifted fabrics were for the Cambria duster and the grey Cielo top. There are no affiliated links in this post.

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