A Capsule Wardrobe: Workwear

#1 Planning

My work wardrobe has been in desperate need of a refresh for a long time. I don’t tend to buy much in the way of clothing anymore so the things I have are pretty old and worn out to be truthful. Plus I don’t tend to sew much that is really office appropriate. I always get distracted by the colourful pretty stuff that won’t get much wear. That’s my prerogative of course, but a part of my wardrobe is now left looking a bit bedraggled.

To help me keep focused on a workwear wardrobe for spring I decided to take some time to try and put together a capsule wardrobe. Something that would cover all bases but really focusing on separates that would work well together.

Early sketches

I started by sketching a few “looks” in my fashionary book drawing on some inspiration from my favourite sources (the Vouge runways, Netaporter and my own list of sewing patterns I want to make). This really helped me roughly plan what I wanted.

Next I looked at the sewing patterns I already had that would give me my desired aesthetic. After tweaking the initial designs to include a couple of patterns I already had, I was left with only two to buy. I was pretty pleased about that as I had been thinking about buying them for a while.

Line drawings of final garments


  • Jacket: Cambria Duster
  • Dress: Suki or Cielo
  • Tops:
    • Cielo top
    • Archer shirt
    • Seamwork Clarke
    • Wilder blouse
  • Bottoms
    • Winslow culottes
    • Pietra pants
    • Utu skirt
    • Seamwork Dezi

Then I started thinking about fabrics. I already had a five fabric pieces in my stash that I wanted to incorporate into my plans. I was gifted two of the fabrics in exchange for blog posts, which left me with four fabrics to source. I was keen to keep my colour palate simple and classic with the odd print thrown in.

Fabric Swatches
  1. Garbardine in stone (gifted by Minerva for future blog post)
  2. Meet Milk Tencel jacquard spot (gifted by Lamazi for future blog post)
  3. Grandeur modal, bamboo, lyocell one in navy and one in verdigris (purchased from Lamazi)
  4. Atelier Brunette Stardust – night (purchased from Lamazi)
  5. Mind the Maker Fall Flower – old rose (purchased from Lamazi)
  6. Rio Crepe – khaki (previous purchase from Sewisfaction)
  7. Ex Jeagar wool suiting (stash)
  8. Ex Zara dragonfly viscose (stash)
  9. Plain ivory viscose (stash)
  10. White polka dot georgette (stash)
  11. Black polka dot viscose (stash)

I’ve now matched up the fabrics and patterns, which, whilst most of them are set in stone, there are one or two pieces which may need to be changed as I might not have enough fabric for them. I’m ok with that though, I feel like this process has helped me regain some focus.

Would you be surprised if I told you I’ve already made three of these garments? I’ve also got two more already cut out. I purposefully chose garments that I knew fitted me well, or would require little in the way of fitting. Plus the simple nature and clean lines on most of the garments will give my wardrobe the refresh it needs. Another bonus is that I think these garments would word just as well for casual and evening wear with a little bit of clever styling.

I hope you enjoy following along with this series as I’ll share more about each garment, the fabric I’ve chosen to go with it and how I’ve styled them in the coming weeks.

I love it when a plan comes together

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