Looper Quit

A break from all the dressmaking posts today while I share the love for the looper quilt pattern (see what I did there!). This is the first quilt I’ve ever made and I finished at the back end of 2019.

Most of my sewing is actually quite impulsive. I’ll make lists of what I want to make, but I don’t religiously stick to them. Plus I find that being more spontaneous tends to lead to something I get more enjoyment out of.

This was very much an impulsive make for me as I spotted the design by Devon (@missmake) I was instantly drawn to the simple but fun design. Quilting has never been my ‘thing’, I’ve often found designs to be a bit too fussy and old fashioned for me to be interested in making one.

I raided the fabric stash, more specifically the box of quilting cottons which contained some of the Sarah Jane designs which I’d been hoarding since before the youngest was born. I had always intended to make some form of quilt with them and had just about enough for this pattern. I sourced the extra fabric I needed (blue swan print and backing fabric) from Frumble and set to work cutting out the curved pieces.

I had enough fabric and decided to take the advice given in the instructions to start with the smallest quilt. The smallest quilt is made up of four 20 inch blocks, making a 40 x 40 inch quilt in total which is ideal for the three year old to snuggle under.

Choosing the quilt batting had me a little stumped, but I opted for an 80:20 cotton/poly mix as advised by a local sewing shop and set to work sandwiching the batting between the top and bottom layers evenly. I didn’t use any spray adhesive, just lots of curved safety pins.

I quilted around each of the stripes and just straight across the background print. You can see the effect on the reverse of the quilt. Then I bound the quilt using THIS method, but finished the binding by hand on the reverse side, this part was probably the most time consuming but it was also my favourite.

If you are brand new to quilt sewing I recommend reading this post by Devon as it will help you understand some of the steps and materials involved.

Now the little one has her quilt, the big kid wants one too, only a bigger one!

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