Glitter Shift Dress

Happy New Year Guys! I’m just getting around to sharing one of my last makes for 2019, a very glittery shift dress…

I was contacted by the Fabric Guys back in October to see if I would like to become one of their brand ambassadors and contributors to their new blog The Sewcial Network

After spending some time browsing their website and reviewing my sewing plans I found a few options that could work for a sparkly party dress for the festive season. 

In terms of design, I had been stalking Net-a-Porter for a little while and the dresses that caught my eye were predominantly sequined or velvet in a shift or wrap style. I wanted something that wouldn’t be too much of a formal ball gown, but certainly enough to shout PaRtY! 

With that in mind I requested some samples from the Fabric Guys so that I could make a decision on what to make. 

The samples were promptly received and fortunately they were large enough for me to get a good idea of how they might move, if they would gather easily and most importantly sew well on my machine. 

I was particularly taken with the gradient glitter fabric as this was one that I haven’t seen before. It is a net type fabric with lots of glitter glued onto it. It is pretty opaque and is quite structured. In my test of the sample piece it gathered well and sewed a dart nicely. I figured with some lining it would make quite a nice shift dress with long sleeves with a little bit more fullness in the sleeve head. 

The gradient runs across the width of the fabric, starting on one selvedge as navy, graduating to silver on the other side. So no pattern repeat to worry about there. 

I decided to use a tried and true pattern for this make, the Sew Over It ultimate shift dress. I’ve made this four times already and thought the simplicity of the design would work with all that glitter!

The fabric was easy to sew and unlike sequins, I didn’t need to remove any of the glitter from the seam allowance in order to sew it. However, glitter does go everywhere. I lined this dress with some plain navy satin so it would be soft against my skin and I am quite happy with how it turned out. 

I received the fabrics for free in exchange for writing a blog post for the Fabric Guys blog. I had previously purchased the pattern used.

Inspiration images are from Net-A-Porter. Fabric Images from Fabric Guys.

All views expressed in this post are my own. Images of me (@cottonreelstudio) may not be reproduced without express permission.

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