Linen Yanta Overalls

I’ve never quite been sure if overalls are for me, but after I saw Rachel’s linen Yanta overalls I knew I had to try this pattern for myself at some point this year.

I purchased some beautiful Bio washed linen from Higgs and Higgs in the Lagoon colourway. They don’t seem to stock this range any more which is a shame as it is such a lovely quality fabric. Hopefully they will stock it again at some point.

Yanta overalls in bio washed linen

My measurements are currently B35, W30, H40. So after considering both the size chart and the finished garment measurements I decided to cut a size 10 in the bust and waist and grade out to a 12 in the hip.

I made adjustments to the length of the pattern as it is drafted for someone of 5ft6in whereas I am 5ft9in. I followed the instructions to add 0.5″ to the bust, crotch and leg. I also added another 1.5″ to the leg length as I wanted plenty of room for turn ups.

Once the overalls were mostly sewn (and before I inserted the zip) I tried them on for fit and decided to take out some of the width. I pinched out 2cm at each waist seam and graded this out gently to the knee area so make the waist more fitted.

One thing I love about Helen’t patterns is the amount of information she includes within the instruction booklet to help you to get a good fit. This includes information on how to adjust for a bust with larger cup size, how to lengthen and shorten the pattern in the right paces and grading between sizes. She also includes an assessment of how the pattern is designed to fit on the body.

Yanta Overalls by Helen's Closet

Whilst making adjustments isn’t a new thing for many of us, Helen’s approach helps aid the learning process for someone who is less experienced or finds making any adjustments to their patterns daunting. This is what makes her patterns so accessible to everyone, that and the size inclusivity of course.

I am so in love with the finished garment and since I finished them five weeks ago I’m reaching for them often when I’m home as they are so comfortable to wear. I am struggling to style this colour for autumn though, so I may try out a denim pair and I definitely want a black linen pair, so if you know of anywhere else that has any bio washed linen left in stock please let me know.

Back view of the Yanta overalls

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