A circle skirt that took three years to make

Over three years ago I bought 1.5m of stretch cotton from Sew Over It. It has a black background and a vibrant pink rose design all over it.

I had originally intended to make a pair of ultimate trousers with it, but I don’t think I had enough fabric or the confidence to fit them to make good use of it. So I ultimately decided to make it into a circle skirt.

Sew Over It Betty dress pattern
Sew Over It Betty Dress

I decided to use the skirt section of the Betty dress pattern as I knew it has a large full circle skirt and I’d already had some success with the Betty pattern. The pattern was already in three sections so I knew it would fit on the fabric I had without having to do any head scratching calculations.

For the waistband, I drafted a rectangle which was 8cm wide by the skirt waist length plus 3 cm. I inserted a 9 inch invisible zip to the centre back seam.

All of this was plain sailing until I tried the skirt on and got stuck in it when zip broke. I was promptly cut out of it. It was of course still salveagable but the hem had dropped by up to 10cm in places and I didn’t have the confidence to wear it.

Fast forward three years to this August when I was clearing the studio and I found this unfinished and unloved skirt at the back of a cupboard. Over this time I’ve almost thrown it out or cut it up to make a bag.

This time however, I thought I should just get on and finish it. I’m planning on teaching a draft your own circle skirt workshop this autumn at TeesCreatives so it would be useful have a sample to wear or display on the day as I usually do in one of my dressmaking workshops.

Plus I’d seen a lot of posts throughout August on Instagram for #alteritaugust, so I set about finishing this skirt just before the end of the month.

Over the course of a couple of evenings, I unpicked the broken zip and replaced it. I took two hours to level that hem and spent the last day of August finishing the hem with some bias tape I had.

In the meantime I had sourced a petticoat from Ebay to make it that little bit more fancy. It was too fancy for the cinema date I wanted to finish it for, which wasn’t such a bad thing as it was so cold in there!

So there you have it a simple circle skirt which took me more than three years to complete. I’m pretty sure that counts today’s prompt for #sewyourselfsustainable too…. slowest make, a record equaled by an Archer shirt.

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