Time for a Change

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Time for a change at Cotton Reel Studio and our retail business has now closed.  Running Cotton Reel Studio for the last two and a half years has been a wonderful and at times challenging experience. I have met so many lovely people, virtually and in real life. Plus I have made some of the best friends (sewing friends are the best friends don’t you know?). I’ve also had the opportunity of working with some well known indie brands and bloggers. It may be a bit cliche but I have learned so much about myself, I am much more confident for starters.

I have been mostly surprised at how my business goals and outlook has changed over that time. Cotton Reel Studio was always my part time hustle, which I have worked on my own whilst keeping a regular day job and raising my family. Which, ultimately is where my priorities lie.    


You may or may not know that Cotton Reel Studio has been through a couple of phases at this point and I’m about to embark on phase III. What can you expect from phase III?   

I am currently working on redeveloping the website so I can share more of what I’m making, and creating useful tutorials, videos and so on. This won’t be limited to sewing, but will include other creative pursuits which I haven’t has as much time for as I would have liked.

I will be able to dedicate more time to teaching workshops at the beautiful TeesCreatives studio in Middlesbrough with Jen which I love! Getting out and meeting people who sew has been the highlight of my Cotton Reel Studio experience so far and is something that I want to continue.     

I will also be working on sewing commissions for private clients. This will initially be on a very small scale and I will be quite selective about the work I will be taking on. 

I’ll also be sending out a monthly newsletter where I’ll be sharing what I’ve been making / inspired by / doing.  If you no longer want to be on this mailing list then please do email info@cottonreelstudio.co.uk.   


I have been on such a journey with Cotton Reel Studio and its various guises over the last three years and I couldn’t have achieved any of this without you, so thank you!   Thank you for supporting me and my small business, believing in me and following me on this journey so far. I’m excited to see where it will take me next.

Love Laura X

(and my bobbins)

If you need to get in touch you can do so at info@cottonreelstudio.co.uk   

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