Love Sewing M6886

I had kept approx 1.2m of the amazing Cobra Corsage scuba before it sold out (in less than 48 hours I might add) with the intention of using it to make some sort of a shift dress ready for the upcoming party season. Fortunately When issue 44 of Love Sewing magazine landed on my doormat earlier this month the free pattern by McCalls (M6886) fit the bill and I had enough fabric to make view A. 

McCalls M6886 Love Sewing Issue 44

This project was a first using a McCalls pattern, I have generally tended to stick with the independent pattern companies after a couple of bad experiences back when I was new to sewing.  One of the great things with the free patterns with Love Sewing magazine is that they include the full size range (6-22) which you don’t get when you purchase a copy of the pattern. In the past I have found this to be an issue for me if the patterns cut off at a 12-14 as I often need to grade between the two sizes. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the pattern tissues contained sizes 6-14 and 14-22. I spent a little time studying the finished measurements, I wanted the dress to skim my body rather than hug it (post two kids is still a little self conscious of my midsection), so I didn’t want too much negative ease. I settled on a straight size 14 and it turned out to be a pretty good fit. The only issue I have is with a little bagginess around my lower back which a friend had mentioned she’d had with her’s. I don’t think it bothers me enough to put some darts in, but if I was to sew another, I might alter the pattern to remove some of the excess. 

McCalls M6886 Love Sewing Issue 44

Another first for me is sewing with scuba. It is similar in many ways to a ponte roma jersey (weight/thickness/stretch), but is is softer and has a smooth surface and comes in some very beautiful prints. Sewing the fabric was a dream, but I took my usual precautions by sewing slowly and using the walking foot for my machine.  I am very pleased with how this dress has turned out, plus I’m slightly smug that I have a party dress ready for the fast approaching festive season. The design of the pattern lends itself well to large scale prints too and I’m tempted to make another using our Midnight Rosette scuba. Thanks Love Sewing mag for a great freebie!

McCalls M6886 Love Sewing Issue 44

1st October 2017

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