Polka Dot Coco Dress

I’ve owned the Tilly and the Buttons Coco pattern for ages, I’ve only just got round to sewing her up because last winter I was pregnant and I didn’t really feel like Coco was right for me this past summer. 

So, after a long wait I managed to sew up two Coco’s in the space of a couple of days! Yes two of them!

Laura is wearing a top version of the tilly and the buttons coco pattern with an added funnel neck. The fabric used is a french terry by Atelier brunette in a dusky rose colour

The first one I made was a long sleeved top with a collar using the most dreamy soft Atelier Brunette French terry, sweatshirt fleece in “Twinkle Rose”.

I really love how this has turned out. I was undecided about adding the collar as I didn’t think it would be “me”, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it. The collar is quite wide, so it doesn’t feel restrictive when wearing it. I lengthened the sleeves by 2cm as I have quite long arms, I didn’t lengthen the body. I used a twin needle for the hem and cuffs and I wish I’d used the twin needle for the top stitching at the bottom of the collar, but you can’t really see it when its folded over. 

Planning for a second coco using some black and white polka do pnte roma fabric

So I think it was about two days later I decided to knock up another Coco, this time a dress in a black spotty ponte. For this version I used the 3/4 length sleeves and omitted the collar. The dress was a little short on me so I only used 1cm for the hem.

Laura is wearing her newly completed coco dress in black and white ponte roma fabric

The pattern instructions are very clear and thorough. Each step is photographed, there is a glossary which clearly explains all the sewing jargon. I love that Tilly’s patterns don’t assume you know a lot about sewing. 

Sewing with jersey fabrics can be notoriously tricky and this pattern is brilliant for those who don’t have much experience working with jersey fabrics. You don’t need fancy equipment like an overlocker, just make sure you use a stable knit fabric like a ponte and make sure you are using a ballpoint needle on your machine.

One thought on “Polka Dot Coco Dress

  1. Good to see you modelling this pattern as I have just found this pattern and ordered it earlier today. I have a breton Tshirt which came from M&S and I want to replicate this. Its in a really thick Jersey but is very big on me now.

    Incidentally I have only just found you today, and I am just down the road in Billingham! 🙂

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